dimarts, 26 de març de 2019

7th Day - Dublin

“This morning we woke up at 7:30 and we had breakfast. Then we went to ICE and we took a train to Dublin. They made a tour for us that it was like an hour and a half. Later we had free time and we went to a restaurant and shopping. It was a very good experience but we are so tired.”

Abril, Queralt and Júlia

divendres, 22 de març de 2019

6th Day - Dublinia - ICE

Happy Birthday Àlex!!!

“Today we woke up at 7:00 because we couldn't sleep, later we had breakfast at 7:45, then we started walking to school at 8:40 and we celebrated Alex’s birthday eating a cake all together.
After that we took a train to Dublin to visit the Dublinia museum, about the prehistoric history. We had a little free time to go shopping or have lunch, and thats all the morning :3”

Adrià and Alex

“This afternon we arrived to Malahide because we went to Dublín in the morning. We went to School and we spent there all the afternon until 5 p.m. “


dijous, 21 de març de 2019

5th Day Malahide - Howth Cliffs - ICE

“This morning we’ve woken up at 7, we had a shower and after we had breakfast, we ate a toast and milk with cereals.
Then we went to school and there we met other students.
We took a train and we went to the Howth Cliffs. We saw some seals and we walked for an hour.
At 12:15 we had lunch and at 13 we took another train to go back to ICE.
We enjoyed a lot and we took a lot of photos.”

Aina and Dana

“In the afternon when we arrived from Howth Cliffs we went to the school and a new teacher came to show us how to say a few words in gaèlic. After that she gave us 1 little bag of candy for each student.
It was a great afternoon! “


dimecres, 20 de març de 2019

4th Day Malahide - ICE - Hurling

“This morning, we've woken up at 8, we had the breakfast, that tasted well and we ate pancakes, and milk with delicious cereals.
Then, we left home and we've gone to school. There, we've done grammar activities and we've worked with a famous irish song called "The wild rover".
We had lunch at 1 o' clock and we ate a sandwich and potatoes of different fast food's restaurants.
We had a funny morning!”

Joel and Pau

“In the afternoon, we learnt a lot of things about hurling, a typical irish sport, all the people in Malahide play it. Before playing this sport, we had to put on a special helmet that it's not very much comfortable. Then, a nice man taught us all the skills of hurling. We need a ball and a stick called hurley. After we had known about all the rules of this sport, we played a match. It was very fun!!!!”

Helena and Judith

dimarts, 19 de març de 2019

3rd Day Malahide - ICE and Castle Tour

“ Today we made a little test to knew what level we have and then they made 2 groups. We learned some history about Ireland. Then we made two breaks of 15 minutes each one, we learned a new song that is Molly Malone’s song and finally we ate our lunch.”


“Today at the afternoon we go to visit the Malahide Castel but first we do with groups a treasure hunt and we hallar pistas for go at the castle.”

(Carla and Xenia)