dilluns, 16 d’abril de 2018

On Thusrday 12, the students of 1st and 2nd Batxillerat enjoyed a lecture conducted by Tammy and Cris, the speakers who told us all about driving in the US: the age you need to get a drivier's license, the speed limit, the components of a car... We had a contest on general knowledge (we even made a phone call to ask for help!) and some brilliant students received a prize. We learnt, we practised English, and we had a lot of fun!

dimarts, 20 de març de 2018

Last day in Malahide!

It's a shame but our trip is almost finished, time flies!!! Tomorrow we are flying back to Barcelona!!!!

Today the students had their last classes from 9 to 13h and then we took the train and went to see Howth cliffs in a sunny and wonderful day! We walked along the path, we took funny pictures and we tried to see seals in the port but we only saw a couple.

We had a nice walk around Howth and took the train back to Malahide. Tonight we have to pack and say goodbye to the families, as tomorrow morning they will take all the students to the school with their luggage. We will visit Malahide Castle and will do a Treasure Hunt around Malahide, but after lunch, at 2 o'clock, we will be given a lift to the airport and our adventure will be over!

We all had a great time and we will have lots of photos to remember this awesome trip!

See you on Thursday!!!

dilluns, 19 de març de 2018

Tour around Dublin

Today it was bank holiday in Ireland so we went to Dublin for a walking tour. We met our guide, Denny, at the station and started the walking tour in Trinity College. He explained very interesting things about Irish politics, Irish independence, and he also explained some funny stories about Molly Mallone, the half-penny bridge, the Irish post office and some important landmarks. We visited all of them.

In the afternoon we went to Grafton Street, a pedestrian street full of shops and restaurants where the students had some time to go shopping and buy souvenirs for their families and friends. We also visited St. Stephen's Green, another shopping center. It was exhausting!!!

When we returned to Malahide, everyone was so tired that they went straight home and didn't even go to Starbucks!!!! Incredible!!!

Today we had sunny weather, no rain, no snow, so a perfect day to wander around Dublin.

Here there are some photos! Enjoy them!

diumenge, 18 de març de 2018

Our weekend in Malahide Part 1

On Saturday it was Saint Patrick's, the patron saint of Ireland, and we went to Dublin to see the parade. Everyone was dressed in green and some families even bought laces, earings and other items to the girls so that they could wear them on that day. The teachers bought some face paint and we all had shamrocks and Irish flags on our faces.

Even though the day was quite cold, we enjoyed the atmosphere in Dublin, packed with green people, and the parade. We needed some hot chocolate though to keep ourselves warm but it was worth the visit.

In the afternoon, we returned to Malahide and some went home and some went, of course, to Starbucks.

Today, we had a snow storm so almost everyone had to change plans. Today is family day and some families wanted to take the kids to the zoo, to the fairground atractions but everything was closed due to the snow, so they had to improvise different things.

Here's a selection of the activities they did with their families and in their free time:

"Today, about 10 o'clock I went to the garden with Bruna (today it was snowing!!!) and then we took some  pictures. About 12 o'clock, we went  to church with my host family and Bruna. It was an interesting experience. Later, about 5 we went to Starbucks with our teachers and our friends."
                                                                                             (Jana and Bruna)

"Today we did a lot of things, at the morning we played games with the kids and then we went to a shopping center to buy some things she needed it and some things she liked.
Then we went to house and played more time with the kids . Then we had lunch, later we continued playing with the kids all the afternoon and then we had dinner and then we went to sleep".
                                                                                                    (Laia, Dagmar i Mar)

"Today we spent most of the day with Romina and Julia and both families. At morning we went for a walk to Malahide and did a snowball war. In the afternoon, we went to a shopping center and ended up in Starbuck's with our friends and Anna and Cristina.
                                                                                                   (Abril i Elia)

divendres, 16 de març de 2018

Third day in Malahide

Hi again!

Today we can feel St. Patrick's coming !! When we got to the school this morning, many kids were already wearing Paddy's hats, shamrocks painted on their faces and all kind of green gadgets!

We  have started with 4 hours of class again. And after a quick lunch, we went to play GAA sports, which include hurling (a kind of grass hockey where a stick and a helmet are used) and Gaelic football (a mixture of football and volleyball). The students enjoyed a lot. The pitch was flooded and they ended up all covered in mud from head to toe (look at the pictures!!!).

Their main concern wasn't "how will we be able to remove all this dirt from our clothes?" but "Will we be allowed to enter Starbucks?" And they did enter Starbucks!!!!! A hot chocolate felt wonderful!

Check the pictures, they're good fun!!!

We are all looking forward to seeing Saint Patrick's parade tomorrow! We'll keep you informed!!!