dilluns, 3 d’abril de 2017

MALAHIDE 2017. Day 4. Family Sunday.

At eight o'clock we woke up and had breakfast. At twelve o'clock we went to Pennys at the shopping center. We stayed there from three o'clock to four o'clock and we had dinner with family. After we went to take photos and after Anna and Ariadna met some friends. After we put on some pillings that we bought in Pennys. That's all for now.

Arianda, Abril and Anna

At 10 o'clock we woke up and had breakfast, then we played football with the dog in the garden. We have been all the morning at home and after lunch, at 13.00, our mother took us to the shopping center and our "brother" to the gym. We met some friends while we were shopping and at 18 we returned home, after losing some buses, and had dinner with the whole family.

Agatha and Valery

At half past seven we woke up, and had breakfast. We went to an amusement Park, but it was closed. So we went to the mall, and bought more presents. It was a funny day!

Romina and Paula

We woke up at half past nine and we had breakfast. First we saw a soccer match of Cliodhna and then another but it was different. We had lunch, we bought an ice-cream in an ice-cream van and in the evening we did a barbeque with our neighbours. Then we met some friends.

Judith and Helena

Today we got up at 8 o'clock then we met with friends and we played football, we had lunch at the football field it was very funny. Then we go home walking and had dinner.

Alba and Naiade

After playing videogames home we went to play basketball in a pitch with some friends. Then we played footbal with some new irish friends. At the end we went to Starbucks and then we had dinner with the family and stayed in the living room.

César and Edgar

We woke up at eight o'clock, we had breakfast and then we went with our friends to play a football match. Later we went to Mario's Pizza with Cesar and Edgar. We went to our home and we had dinner with the family. Finally we went to Starbucks.

Nil and Toni

Today we went to the shopping center, we played football and took a bus.

Pol and Gonzalo

We woke up at half past seven. We had breakfast at nine o'clock and we met with friends to play football match and others sports.

Joel and Josep

Today, we went to te park with our friends, and we played a lot of sports. We enjoyed the sun. Then we returned home and we ate lunch. It was a fantastic day!
Nico and Arnau

Today is the 2nd of April of 2017. This morning we went to the grandmother's house. After we had a meal with typical dishes and desserts. In the afternoon we did relax. (We played football and played wii). At the dinner we ate again typical dishes. 
Txema and Xavier

In the morning we went to the supermarket and then to see the big brother's gaelic football match.
In the afternoon we went to the cricket club and for dinner time, we made them "pa amb tomàquet i pernil". In the afternoon we jumped with the little girl and the little boy on an elastic bed.

Berta and Nauja